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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

LHS Hydraulicfluid - Liquide Hydraulique Synthétique LHS

LHS A few years ago, we could have approx. 10,000 litres of LHS, manufactured by the German company Pentosin.
Unfortunately, this inventory is actually out of order. 
A new production is unfortunately not possible, since it contains components that are no longer permitted in the EU (just like the cleaning liquid for LHM Hydraurincage or Hydroclean).
In the last 18 months, we were deeply involved in the matter of LHS. In addition to Pentosin, Agip, Fuchs and other former manufacturers, we worked closely together with the ELF Group, from whom we have got really good tips. As a result of the intensive cooperation, we had 3 different replacement liquids mixed. Refilled in glasses and equipped with original LHS rubbers, we placed them on our block-type thermal power station. Since 12 months, they have been continuously heated, cooled down and shaken thoroughly. In February 2019, we examined the different samples. The first sample decomposed the rubbers somewhat and is therefore not usable. There are still 2 more samples left. One of both mixtures is pretty viscous and therefore our 2nd choice. Let‘s come to the practical test with the thin mixture.
Some years ago, we bought an original DS19, year of construction 1965, which is to be found in our boutique in Germany. A real stroke of luck. Actually the car should remain untouched, but...
Nevertheless, we decided to make this DS 19, semi-automatic, operational again. The complete LHS system will be converted and will be filled with our sample fluid. All this procedure and development will be recorded. So, it will be pretty fascinating.
Below steps will be performed:
1. carry out a DS basic inspection and extensive test drives 
(determine the actual condition of the LHS hydraulic system).
2. flush the system and fill in the sample liquid
3. now we have to wait for a few weeks and observe what happens (i.e. start the motor and let the vehicle run once a week, but leave it on the lifting platform for the rest of the week)
4. In the case of positive results, undertake detailed test drives and take the vehicle into day-to-day operation. Thereafter, providing some selected DS workshops also the new liquid, for Europe-wide experiences.
5. In winter 2019, dismantle and examining all relevant hydraulic unit. 
6. If the results are positive, we will have the hydraulic fluid produced.
7. Upon negative results, start from scratch, but firstly restore the DS19 back to its original LHS 
As you can see, we investigate a lot to find a solution. Meanwhile, news have been spread, that we still had LHS available, thus the sale of LHS sharply increased in 2017 and 2018.
We could not have predicted this, otherwise we would have started looking for substitute earlier. 
Please remain patient :-) 
February 2019
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