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Oil - Now, it‘s gonna be greasily complicated.

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Oil - Now, it‘s gonna be greasily complicated...
Most people think that oil change is very simple - buying the oil at the filling station and fill it??

It sounds very easy but for vintage vehicles, the modern oil is not really the optimal one for the motor. The new modern oil are thin fluid and contain much more cleaning additives which can ruin your motor.

Nowadays, the interval of oil change in modern cars with 50,000 km, is not an unusual condition. The modern oil has to be very thin to avoid that the filtration run smoothly, preventing sludge deposits and suits also vehicles with short distances. Whereas for vintage cars, oil change is done most of the time at specific season of the year!  Oil is being renewed few weeks before the „hibernation“!

Vehicles like H-Van, Traction Avant, 2CV (until 2CV4) as well as many other vintage cars do not even have an oil filter. The impurities are set down in the oil pan and is being flushed out at the next oil change. That‘s exactly how it shall work! With the modern oil, it is the contrary which happens. The oil dissolved the impurities and pumped it again in the oil circulation. And this is wrong! Moreover, the material of the motor gasket of our vintage does not tolerate the chemical additives in the modern oil. Oil seals and rubber seal get harder through the additives and do not seal up correctly. Cork seal get eroded and does not absorb any oil anymore and thus the motor leaks.
Just imagine, you take a plate full of noodle. On the lower part of the plate, you have 3 holes, pour some good olive oil upon the noodle. You can see how the noodle absorb that oil and underneath the plate, there is no trace of oil.
Now pour some soft drinks on the noodle. A pure chemical drink... now you can see that the soft drink does not get stick to the noodle and even wash out the good oil and the whole fluid are to be found on the plate and drop out slowly through the small holes in the plate!

Dear friends of vintage cars, this example with the noodle and the oil, is in fact a figurative one showing you what happens with your motor when you are using the modern high-tech synthetic oil.

So please hands off from all those modern synthetic oil.

Last but not least - our tip: the optimal oil for Citroen 2CV, DS, Traction und H-Van is 20W50. Even Renault R4, R5, R16, all rear-mounted engines (except Alpine) and all Peugeot like 203, 404, 204, 304, 404 und 504 are „grateful“ if the motor is being filled with 20W50!

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