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Ignition coil special kit for 2CV. High-performance ignition coil, special for 2CV. This hign-performance ignition coil ...

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Ignition coil special kit for 2CV. High-performance ignition coil, special for 2CV. This hign-performance ignition coil "made by Franzose" is the solution to the well known problem of defective 2 cv ignition coil. No more bucking! No need anymore to have on bord an ignition coil for replacement! This high-performance ignition coil works in combination with electronic ignition (14300) as well as with ignition contacts warranting in both cases a reliable operating. A further advantage of this high-performance ignition coil is a much better start. This high-performance ignition coil has by 10 volts the same output as the normal ignition coil by 14 volts- This enables a much better start. When starting vehicle electrical system voltage decreases till approx.9-10 volts. At this level the high-performance ignition coil is already highly efficient. Because there is no high-resistance oil anymore between the primary wave and the secondary wave and thanks to safe plastic used this high-performance ignition coil has a long life expectancy. Content: mounting bracket, 2x ignition cable, 2x NGK ignition plug. CAUTION:our ignition coil is only compatible with our electronic ignition systems (items n░14300 + 14325). Other electronic ignition systems work with a different resistance what can destroy the ignition coil!

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Electronic ignition system 12 Volt, for Citroen 2CV6. This ignition system is designed for all 2CV's ( and derivatives ) with a A79/1, M28 or M28/1 engine. It is a microprocessor controlled device, that replaces all the mechanical parts of the conventional system, like points, cam, and centrifugal weights. The system is designed for the stock ( black! ) coil, and is intended for 12 Volt systems only. The ease of installation, and the outstanding quality has attracted thousands of happy 2CV-drivers, all over the world. The main benefits are : better starting, better fuel consumption, smoother running, better emissions, more torque ( especially in the lower rev's ), no maintenance, EVER again

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