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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

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Benzin Total 2021

Ethanol fuel - new technology, new problem!

We are all delighted with the new achievements via the modern technology. Through the oxygen influence, E5 and E10 fuel are no more stable and decompose after few months. The stabilized additives are then inefficient. Many manufacturers can no more guarantee a durability of 60 days. more information
Umwelt 5Mšnner-1Frau

Environment, sustainability, logistics, personal data. A question of theory, but a matter of practic

In our daily handling with our customers, besides specific technical enquiries regarding vehicles, we are also being questioned, frequently about the aspects mentioned in the title.
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Franzose - 30 years

30 Years of "Der Franzose" in Vechta

Some were worried that we might become adult with the time - Rest assured - we'll stay like we were!  
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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Unfortunately, we cannot escape the formalism that the basic data protection regulation has now triggered either. Of course, we have been very trustworthy with your data all these years. We will continue to do so in the future.
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Safe, easy and convenient!
You can settle the payment of your order comfortably and safely either by credit card, Paypal or prepayment via bank transfer.Security? Here you are on the safe side. Our website is secured with an Extended Validation SSL (the green lock in the browser address bar).
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Unser Teamn

Our team
Who is who?

Two dozen french, among those four authentic ones, share your passion to your classic car. You might not see or hear some of them but you can feel their enthusiasm in their hands as they take care that your parts find their way to you daily, whether in the logistic or product market..
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Der Franzose

Your online shop for the automotive culture
Spare parts for historical Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, Panhard, Simca and Talbot. You want a vast selection? Then you are absolutely at the right place: as one of the first spare parts retailer, established in 1988 for french vintage cars, we have our own website since 1996 ( Over 1.000.000 spare parts are stored in our warehouse, thus 98% availabilty which allowed a fast delivery of the ordered parts. Our parcels are delivered worldwide to more than 40,000 satisfied customers. We are even the market leader for french classic cars in the north and west Europe.

Even in the motherland of the 2CV, Citroën DS or Renault R4/4L, in France, the news has spread amongst the fans of vintage cars that there is one of the biggest warehouse in Germany for spare parts for Citroën-, Peugeot- and Renault vintage cars. Therefore, we have created a french website and established also an official branch in Paris. Vive la France!

We have a weakness for old vehicles and we want to help you to preserve your vintage car as those are not only pretty but they also form part of a tradition. We offer parts for your classic car, e.g for Citroën 2CV (Nicknames: Flying Dustbin, Tin Snail, Tortoise, Deuche, et lelijke eendje, Eend, de geit, spaček, dos caballos, la rana, dois cavalos, citruca, Gyngehest, פחנוע, Studenter-Jaguar, De kære små, Rättisitikka, Lingonplockare, karkassa, Kacsa, Sítróen braggi, Jernseng, deux chevaux, Dolly, Charleston, Döschwo, deux poils, chèvre, Due cavalli, Citroneta, Auto-mbott, Pincha-pincha, Kacsa), 2CV6, 2CV4, 2CV Charleston, Mehari, | Citroën: AMI6, AMI8, DS, ID, Type H (HY), Traction Avant (7CV, 11CV, 15CV), | for Renault R4/4L, R5, R6, R16, Alpine, Estafette, Twingo, Dauphine, | for Peugeot 104, 203, 403, 204, 304, 404, 504, 604 as well as Panhard and Simca – Talbot.

We remain at your disposal!
You can reach us via telephone 00 49 44 41 - 91 61 912 from Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 13:00 (CET) and from 14:00 - 17:00 (CET).
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