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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

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Calendar 2016

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Art No: 11117
Exhaust 2CV6, part of 2, exhaust clip 47mm. Top reproduction!
Art No: 18484
Coverings for 2CV6 front + rear. Dark red velour. This north european new high quality production corresponds to the higher original quality of the 70...
Art No: 17404
2CV, Soft top hood, holding strap (2 fittings) from "Sonnenlandstoff". With Tenax push-buttons + 6x Tenax lower part. Much easier to attach.
Art No: 10613
Gasoline filter with check valve preventing gasoline return trace (Diaphragm), universal model. Better start after long immobilisation time. Membrane ...

Further features on our website
We have added some further features on our website e.g accessories for particular items, 360° view etc.
only in germany
Mit diesem Gütesiegel zeichnet die Verbraucherschutzstelle Niedersachsen e.V. besonders kundenfreundliche Online-Shops aus. Wir freuen uns sehr und danken vor allem unseren Kunden, die uns für diese Auszeichnung empfohlen haben!

Calendar 2017 - Photo-Competition 2016
And our congratulations go to 3. Alexander Heil, Germany (100,--€) 2. Samuel Forest, France (200,--€) 1. Mareike Carstensen, Germany (300,--€)
80 Years Ago – The Death of André Citroën
July 3, 2015 will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of company founder André Citroën.

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