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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

Calendar 2016

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Art No: 17404
2CV, Soft top hood, holding strap (2 fittings) from "Sonnenlandstoff". With Tenax push-buttons + 6x Tenax lower part. Much easier to attach.
Art No: 18484
Coverings for 2CV6 front + rear. Dark red velour. This north european new high quality production corresponds to the higher original quality of the 70...
Art No: 10613
Gasoline filter with check valve preventing gasoline return trace (Diaphragm), universal model. Better start after long immobilisation time. Membrane ...
Art No: 20505
CO tester (exhaust tester). Digitally. Optimally for the experienced mechanician, in order to adjust the carburetor. We use it since years for our cla...

360° panorama viewer for various articles!
We have inserted a 360° panorama viewer for some items on our website permitting you having a perspective of some spare parts from every possible angle.
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Citroen LNA

Calendar 2016 - Photo-Competition 2016
And our congratulations go to 3. Susanne Brammsen, Germany (100,--€) 2. Maxime Dubois, France (200,--€) 1. Ole Friis, Denmark (300,--€)
80 Years Ago – The Death of André Citroën
July 3, 2015 will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of company founder André Citroën.

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