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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

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Art No: 86001
R4, Bumper in front (reproduction), chromium-plates. Suitable for Renault R4. The bumpers must be protected against rust. Per piece
Art No: 87205
R4, Door seal (hollow section like first versions), for all 4 doors! Suitable for Renault R4. Original manufacturer!
Art No: 88200
Tow trailer coupling, suitable for Renault R4, starting from year of construction 1963. With ECE permission! Permissible D value = 4,58KN (max. traile...
Art No: 82049
Radiator 2 version (original supplier) Renault R4 + R6. Installed of year of construction 1973 to 1986, with engines type Billancourt. The radiator fi...

Tow trailer coupling for Citroen HY
The coupling is delivery with ECE checking!
Photo Contest 2017
And our congratulations go to 3. Aristide Hehner, France - September (100,--€) 2. Kay MacKenneth, Germany - October (200,--€) 1. René Golz, Germany - November (300,--€)

Oil - Now, it‘s gonna be greasily complicated.
Most people think that oil change is very simple - buying the oil at the filling station and fill it??
Ethanol fuel - new technology, new problem!
We are all delighted with the new achievements via the modern technology.

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