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Our 2CV chassis<
Our 2CV Chassis -
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Rim 4Jx15 for 2CV (tubeless), original size. CAUTION: CitroŽn stopped the rim production. We let produce the rim in the ...

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Rim 4Jx15 for 2CV (tubeless), original size. CAUTION: CitroŽn stopped the rim production. We let produce the rim in the same original quality. Our rim is identically the same as the original rim as far as all production parameters are concerned: material quality, size and surface treatment. Perfect original equipment manufacturer quality! These high quality rims can only be bought from us. What is an original rim? Our rim is produced in the same factory,on the same machine, with the same material, and exactly according to the same production process as the CitroŽn rim has been produced in the past. The only difference is that our Company is the current purchaser, not CitroŽn anymore! That is why our rim is offically approved. A wheel is composed of two parts: the rim and the wheel disc. The rim is built up of butt-welded rolled metal strips. After the roll stand operation which usally consists in 2 roll operation steps the wheel disc gets pressed into the rim. This production method called "press fit" enables fixing for sealing operation by spot-welding. Finally the whole wheel is getting coated (through cathodic immersion bath) for anti-corrosive protection. The front side of the rim is varnished in grey beige color. This varnish is just a protection against ultraviolet radiations or weather conditions. For an optimal optics, the rims should be painted again. Other available rims on the market are reproductions which are not produced in the same method as our original rim. They are just welded (visible welding points). Only the costly press fit production process of our rim offers an optimal stability and safety to this essential spare part which is actually the only connection to the road. The rim is for tubeless operation, but you can drive it also with inner-hose!

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