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Ansgar Olberding - Der Franzose

The first love is nice and for some, it‘s even unforgettable. It doesn‘t only apply to the first love between people but also to the first own vehicle, particularly when it involves a vehicle coming from a well-known country, where mostly everything is associated to l‘amour (love) – of course we are talking about a french one.

Thereby, we are here to support you through our 29 years old passion for the french vintage cars.

How everything began?

Very simple…

Even after four apprenticeships, he got the feeling that none of those jobs really impressed him. Thus, he decided to do something where he could have fun doing it. He realized that he could make a career out of his hobby. And that‘s how his girlfriend (actually his wife) and himself decided to start a business selling spare parts for french vintage cars.

It was indeed a tough time at the beginning where there was not really a big earning. Nowadays, the team of Der Franzose consists of 26 employees, almost 60.000 customers spread in 90 countries and with 1.000.000 spare parts in the warehouse (one of the biggest warehouse worldwide for french classic cars), customer service with technical advice in french, english and german and other correspondences without technical advice additionally in swedish, turkish and russian.

HY-Ansgar Olberding, Felix + Jan

A branch in Paris has been established since 2010 and four of them are french native speaker who do their maximum to assist appr. 12.000 customers in France. Meanwhile, France is our top-selling country.

Nevertheless the way to this success was a long one. After years of hard work with 65 working hours per week but still no earnings and the anxiety of failing, he did not give up. For sure, it was a hard time but it was worthwhile! Today, he sees things with a much relaxed aspect – a reliable team and thus a much balanced workload.

Felix - Tattoo - 2CV

And as we asked him about his goals, he is not interested in being the leading company in the world or even of owning a villa or the most expensive cars. His personal goal is to enjoy life to the fullest and enough leisure time! He only wants to have enough privacy and the possibility to cut off from all the modern media which are having too much importance nowadays in our lives. Anyway, he does not even have a good cellular network and has a very low internet connection at home. What an irony for someone who sells spare parts via a website!

That‘s in fact this spirit of liberty which allows one to become much more creative and thus successful, even if it lasts years.

Rildo - Der Franzose - Lager Vechta Der Franzose Halle Außenansicht

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 17.00  (CET) on
+49 (0) 44 41 91 61 912

Der Franzose - Das Team
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