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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

A dream ? - A nightmare ? Or truth?

Dear „Franzosen“ fans, such is life:

I‘m sitting peacefully in my garage, my DS is in my back, the Peugeot 204 Cabrio on the lifting ramp, is longing for an oil change. Contrary to the weather forecast, the sun is shining....actually it is great but on the other side, I have to help in the garden, sweeping all the leaves outside! In that moment, I see my wife and the dog coming in. I‘m suspecting something bad... instruction for the gardening?!

I switch off the music as in that moment I could noticed some tears running down her eyes. She has toothache! I take her in my arm and whisper to her „ darling, don‘t worry about that. Come in and take a seat. I‘ll get this sorted out.“
I tie her with some cable straps on the chair and turn on „AC/DC“ quite loud. Using a rubber mallet, I hit her on her head and she fainted! First step - checked!

Using a mole grip, I fix her mouth to be kept opened for me to have a better view on this dilemma. Alright... overthere on the left side completely at the back, that does not look good at all. I have to get this evildoer out of her mouth. I need some tools - precision mechanics, small drilling machine, pointed pliers and the good scalpel which I used to cut the DS carpet.
While drilling in that tooth, I slip and hurt the gingival...OMG! I grab the suction gun and absorb the bleeding point. I notice that through this operation, I have not only hurt her palate but I hit the wrong tooth.
Anyway, that bad tooth has to be removed. I grab to the universal goes on amazingly quite smoothly with that tool after having cleaned up all the anti-friction bearing grease. And here it is!

Actually, while pulling the tooth out, I hurt myself. If I was well prepared, I would have put on my gloves. I, suddenly hear my wife breathing stertorously.... MY goodness, she is awake! I didn‘t even notice it.

Anyway, she can‘t speak because of the mole grip and can‘t make any moves neither. Thank the cable straps, she was firmly tied . As I was not really finished with the operation, I hit her again with the rubber mallet on the head. Now I can release her and clean both wound, mine as well as hers with the good brake cleaner...

Dear friends, you might now think, what a creepy story or may be wondering yourselves if I have had too much whiskey oder too much grog! No guys, there is a reason why I am telling you this nonsense.  

No one will in fact trust himself doing this kind of operation, specially with his wife... Why do we then have dentist?!

The moral of my fascinating story, is that there are people out there who have studied and are specialised in different fields. So why not letting the specialists doing their job and we are asured that our lovely is in good hands instead of doing ourselves any experiment on our favourite piece of chocolate.

Apropos chocolate, my wife is doing well. She just came from her appointment at the dentist and just informed me that we will have coffee and a nice chocolate pie later than usual as she can‘t chew for the next 2 hours!

Voilà dear friends, life is so beautiful. Let us enjoy it. Cheers, au revoir and best wishes for the New Year!


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