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New Arrivals
Art No: 44840
Fuel tank 60 liters. Suitable for Citroen HY, all years of construction. Length: 640mm. Wide one: 250mm. Height: 470mm. Good reproduction. Or. No. H17...
Art No: 14615
Control light Citroen 2CV, HY, DS. Like original, color black with 4 differently colored caps (green, blue, red, orange)
Art No: 36000
Roof antenna, suitable for Citroen DS. About 770mm overall length.
Art No: 32379
Fuel tank, new part (without drain plug, without fuel sender)! Suitable for Citroen DS, with carburetor engine. 2 x gasoline line connection. Note: Th...

Photo Contest 2017
And our congratulations go to 3. Aristide Hehner, France - September (100,--€) 2. Kay MacKenneth, Germany - October (200,--€) 1. René Golz, Germany - November (300,--€)
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We have been informed by our security system provider that there might have been some possibly unauthorized and malicious assaults on our database from an East European country the last day. We, indeed cannot give you concrete information about the extensiveness of the data which might have been hijacked.


Ente, 2CV

A dream ? - A nightmare ? Or truth?
I switch off the music as in that moment I could noticed some tears running down her eyes. She has toothache!

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