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Our 2CV chassis
Our 2CV Chassis -

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New Arrivals
Art No: 44840
Fuel tank 60 liters. Suitable for Citroen HY, all years of construction. Length: 640mm. Wide one: 250mm. Height: 470mm. Good reproduction. Or. No. H17...
Art No: 33273
Rim reproduction, with ECE permission (tubeless). Suitable for Citroen DS. Size: 15 x 5.5 inch. ET: 40mm. 5 hole securement. Centerhole: angular. Per...
Art No: 48257
Tow trailer coupling for Citroen HY, starting from year of construction 11/1969. The coupling is delivery with ECE checking! Trailer hitch tongue load...
Art No: 32379
Fuel tank, new part (without drain plug, without fuel sender)! Suitable for Citroen DS, with carburetor engine. 2 x gasoline line connection. Note: Th...

Tow trailer coupling for Citroen HY
The coupling is delivery with ECE checking!
Photo Contest 2017
And our congratulations go to 3. Aristide Hehner, France - September (100,--€) 2. Kay MacKenneth, Germany - October (200,--€) 1. René Golz, Germany - November (300,--€)


citroen H

2cv / Dyane 6

Oil - Now, it‘s gonna be greasily complicated.
Most people think that oil change is very simple - buying the oil at the filling station and fill it??
Ethanol fuel - new technology, new problem!
We are all delighted with the new achievements via the modern technology.

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